If you’re a smoker, you know that a lighter is the most important tool to have with you at all times.  There is nothing worse than patting down your pockets and realizing you left your lighter somewhere else.  That’s why we have so many of them.

One for the car.  One for your pocket.  One for your purse.  Three in your desk at work.  At least twelve strategically placed throughout your house.  All of these are most likely the cheap ones that you get from the checkout at the gas station.  And they work just fine.  They certainly get the job done.

But there is something else with which we have to contend.  It isn’t the designated smoking spots, nor is it the looks of disgust that we receive from other pedestrians.  Those things don’t matter – they can easily be ignored or simply given a smile.  The wind doesn’t take kindly to either of those placations, however.

Weather has this irritating habit of forcing us to pay attention to it.  Each time you flick that Bic, and the wind snuffs it out, you’re wasting time and effort.  Your thumb starts to hurt because of the ridges on the steel.  You’re stuffing your face and your cigarette behind the collar of your jacket, trying to turn your back against the wind just to get two seconds.  Two seconds is all you need to light that cigarette.

It never takes two seconds though.  It’s always a struggle.  Smoke breaks are supposed to be relaxing.  What’re you going to do though?  You can’t stop the wind.  You might as well just get used to it.

What if you were told that you actually didn’t have to get used to it?  Dual arc lighters are able to resist that incessant wind.  They don’t actually use flames.  There is a Tesla coil embedded in the cartridge that lights your cigarette without ever succumbing to Nature’s call.  How cool is it that you get to say you’re carrying around a Tesla coil?  Edison never invented anything that could make your smoke breaks hassle free.

So what does this mean?  How does your cigarette get lit without fire?  It doesn’t seem right.  Cavemen invented fire for warmth; gentlemen adapted it for cigarettes.  It’s the right and natural order of things.  This is the next evolution.  No more boring yellow flames that disappear at the slightest breath of a breeze.  These blue arcs are made of electricity.  You’re literally zapping your cigarette to life, sort of like Frankenstein.

The problem with other lighters that claim to be wind resistant is they still use that outdated fire, which means you have to buy lighter fluid and clean the cartridge.  If you get any of that on you, you smell like butane for the rest of forever.

Not a problem with these lighters.  Since these are electric, there is no added expense.  They recharge with a USB.  Simply plug it in next to your phone while you’re sleeping.